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Toddler Puzzles for Girls!

Toddler Puzzles for Girls is an app specifically made for young, glamorous girls (boys can play it too). The puzzles are filled with happy characters so children will have a great time completing them.


Toddler Puzzles for Boys!

An all-new application especially made for Boys (this doesn't mean girls can't play it), Toddler Puzzles for Boys targets themes that is appealing to young, rough'n'tough boys. Toddlers can become Astronauts, Firemen, ... with these fun, colourful puzzles.


Puzzle Blocks for Toddlers

Puzzle Blocks for Toddlers is a perfect application if Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers is still a bit too hard. Children will find it easier to complete these block puzzles because they won't get distracted by the irregular shapes.


Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers

Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers combines the fun of a classic jigsaw puzzle with the ease of a tablet. All puzzles will remain intact none of the pieces can get lost. Different levels provide a different gameplay for kids: they can start off easy with 12 pieces and work their way up to 70 pieces.
This app is perfect for children who've outgrown Toddler Puzzles! or Puzzle Blocks.


Coloring Genius

With Coloring Genius you can create your own original drawings and send them to your photo roll.
If you like coloring. Your child can also pick on of our awesome cartoons and go wild with colors!
Toddlers can learn how to color within the lines. Older children can become little artists themselves with their own drawings!
You can also have a fun parent/child moment and draw and colour together.

  • 9 amazing line drawings for toddlers and children!
  • draw a nice picture and make it a colorful painting!
  • export your drawings to the iPad photo roll!
  • have lots of fun using this app!


Rub the duck for luck

Start the day as lucky as you can by rubbing this cute duck! Young and old will love this happy duck that reveals lucky chances each day. Will it be love, friendship or money? Rub for two seconds and find out immediately so you can start your day feeling lucky. Rub The Duck For Luck is a fun app that will make you laugh a little every day! And even if you don't believe in its magical powers, you still have a happy little duck floating on your cellphone :)!


Mega Memory

Everybody knows the classical memory game. With this app your child can discover how fun it can be to play memory in a modern way. Your toddler will be stimulated by the happy animals and the funny animations. This way your child can train its memory by playing a game! No more lost cards or expensive games with this portable version of memory. Perfect for waiting rooms, the car of any other time that your child needs a relaxing and fun moment to play by himself for a while.


Toddler Puzzles!

All children that like puzzles will love this app! Filled with a lot of cute and recognizable animals, Toddler Puzzles! combines fun and education so all children can enjoy a classic puzzle with a modern twist. Toddlers and kids can play the app in the car, when you're cooking, at a party or just before bedtime. They can complete these puzzles with or without your help so they can learn to play individually.